Junk Removal Kirkland, WA

Did you just complete a renovation? Have you recently cleaned out your garage, attic or basement? Are you relocating your office and need to get rid of old furniture and other office junk? Making changes such as remodeling or buying new furniture can be very exciting. However, getting rid of the resulting junk can prove to be a challenge. We at The Bulk Removal Company are committed to making getting rid of junk easy for the residents of Kirkland. Our junk removal Kirkland services provide an easy and efficient way to get rid of junk. Our services will save you a considerable amount of stress, time and money. Contact us now for safe and efficient junk removal.

Junk Removal Kirkland

What Items Do Our Kirkland Junk Removal Services Cover?

General junk

Many of us are unaware of how much junk we really have until we clean out our spaces. Our residential junk removal Kirkland team will take care of getting rid of the junk. We take everything from clothing and kitchenware to mattresses and any other unnecessary items you may have in your home.


Getting rid of old furniture is easy with our residential and commercial junk removal Kirkland services. We’ll take and dispose of your furniture pieces. We take everything from tables and chairs to couches and wardrobes.


Wondering how to get rid of electronics that you no longer need? Many electronic devices feature materials that can be hazardous to the environment. Our junk removal service will ensure that you can dispose of electronic items safely.

Construction debris

Remodeling your home or office? Get rid of construction junk with our residential or commercial junk removal Kirkland services. Our trained and equipped crew will remove construction debris safely from your home so you can enjoy your new space.

What we offer:

  • Friendly, positive & conversational – work with our professional and courteous crew for a great experience.
  • Trustworthy, clear & honest – enjoy worry-free junk removal with our bonded crew.
  • Professional, informative & credible – our services are efficient and effective. You can trust us to be on time and complete the removal efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • Responsible disposal – get rid of junk in a safe and responsible way with our junk removalists Kirkland team.

Junk removal pricing Kirkland

We at the Bulk Removal Company strive to provide our clients with competitive junk removal service Kirkland rates. Our prices are based on the volume of junk we remove. A full load (18 cubic yards) of junk costs $540. Additional fees may be charged for removal of construction debris and items containing refrigerant.

Get in touch with us for an accurate quote for junk removal Kirkland services.


Kirkland, WA has been recognized repeatedly as one of the best places to Live in Washington and with good reason. This city, which is part of the Greater Seattle Metropolis, is quickly becoming the residential hub for people that want to work in the big city while enjoying the many benefits of living in a small town.

Kirkland’s fast growth is largely thanks to the fast growth of Seattle. Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Opportunities for employment continue to grow in the large city. Kirkland’s proximity to the Emerald City has made it an attractive suburb for young professionals looking to enjoy the opportunities that the big city offers while being able to get away from it all when away from work.

Kirkland is also attracting young families in droves. The city offers young families with access to some of the top ranked schools in the state. It also offers families a safe neighborhood to raise their children. Families in the area can take advantage of the large expanses of untouched natural land for outdoor recreational activities such as hiking and cycling. Being a waterfront city, Kirkland offers access to great views as well as water sports such as fishing and swimming.

Kirkland also offers access to some of the best wineries in the area. Woodinville is known for being the wine country of the city with over 100 wineries and tasting rooms where you can try some local favorites. Visit Downtown Kirkland to take advantage of great offers at the retail stores and enjoy a selection of cuisines at the diverse restaurants and eateries.

If you’re searching for junk removalists Kirkland residents trust, get in touch with us. We are available when you need it.


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