Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Electronics must be separated and taken to special recycling locations. The Bulk Removal Company will take your electronic items, do the separation, and get them to the proper recycling center.

Yes, because paint requires specific processing, BRC will take up to 5 small (pint to gallon) cans or one 5 gallon can of paint at no extra charge, additional cans are $2 for small cans and $10 for 5 gallon cans.

Yes, BRC takes household chemicals like motor oil, weed killer, cleaners, etc. All items must be in closed containers in order to be hauled.

Yes. Cooling appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners contain federally regulated refrigerants. The Bulk Removal Company has incorporated these items into pricing; one refrigerant item per 1/2 truck load and $35 for any additional items containing refrigerant.

The Bulk Removal Company strives to do junk removal on your terms. That being said, BRC offers same day service when available. If you need service in a hurry, give BRC a call and we will get you scheduled as soon as possible.

BRC won’t haul certain hazardous materials like asbestos or some caustic commercial chemicals. If you need a special license to buy it, you probably need a specialist to haul it.

Yes, contactless pickup and payment is available upon request. As long as your junk is accessible we can pick it up sight unseen!

BRC accepts Cash, Credit/Debit Card, or Check on site as well as Credit/Debit card or Zelle for contactless payments.

No! We strive to have straight forward clear pricing.
There are times that estimates via photos are not perfect, but our prices will always match those listed on our pricing page.


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